Quick & convenient maintenance services for busy people

When you’re in a hurry, we’re always ready to take care of your car or truck on the spot. And, for most services, you can usually stay in your vehicle while our skilled technicians complete the work. Best of all, we can have you back on the road in about 20 minutes or less - and, on average, you’ll save up to 20%-50% on non-oil change services versus taking it to the dealer.(1)

Maintain your vehicle’s performance and its value

Maybe you didn’t realize your vehicle was due for a transmission flush or a tire rotation. We help you keep track of the service schedule recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. We’ll let you know if you’re due and can take care of those services right away to:

  • Ensure your vehicle is running at peak performance
  • Put more money back in your pocket when it’s time for a trade-in or sale. A well-maintained vehicle holds its value better

Vehicle safety services that provide extra confidence on the road

  • From headlights to the batteries, just drive in and we’ll keep your vehicle’s safety features up to spec
  • It’s the quick, easy and responsible way to keep you and your family safe

(1) Based on survey of GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Lexus and Kia dealership national average pricing. Average savings on these services range from 25% to 52%. Exclude special offers and discounts.


Full Synthetic with MaxLife Technology
MaxLife™ Synthetic Blend Motor Oil
Premium Blue Diesel Motor Oil
Valvoline™ Conventional Motor Oil


Tire Rotation
Air Filter Replacement
Cabin Air Filter Replacement
Fuel Injector Cleaning Service
Air Conditioning Recharge


Cooling System Fluid Service
Automatic Transmission Fluid Service
Manual Transmission Fluid Service
Differential Fluid Services (each)
Transfer Case Fluid Replacement
Power Steering Fluid Flush
Engine Flush
Serpentine Belt Replacement
Battery Replacement
Wiper Blade Replacement
Vehicle Light Replacement